Meet the Keynote Speakers for the 2017 Performance Improvement Conference!

Join ISPI from April 28 – May 2, 2017 in Montreal for exciting and inspiring presentations that will help you carve your path as a leader in the performance improvement field. Meet two of the keynote speakers now!

Gary Cokins
Gary Cokins

Gary is CEO of Analytics-Based Performance Management, LLC. He is an internationally recognized expert, speaker and author in performance improvement systems and advanced cost management.  Working with Dr. David Norton, Gary was involved with initial research that led to the development of the Balanced Scorecard. After holding management positions in different leading consultancies, he retired in 2012 as a principal consultant at SAS.

Gary will speak about how the accelerating and disruptive digital revolution will impact organizations’ competitiveness in the years to come.

Organizations that embrace a “digital disruptor” way of thinking will gain a competitive edge by automating new processes and services as a new business model. To achieve this, they will leverage big data, artificial intelligence and smart process engineering–to name a few emerging technologies that are propelling the digital revolution.

Dina Dwyer-Owens
Dina Dwyer-Owens

Dina aims to help inspire more hope for the future by taking the spotlight and shining it on those doing the things she loves to cheer about: living and leading with integrity. Dina equates her success as an entrepreneur to having and living by a proven code of values. Her first book Live RICH: How to build success in your company and your life with a proven Code of Values has connected with thousands of readers. The book offers a simple message that in a world of constant change, values can be ever-present.

Dina’s second book, Values, Inc., is named one of the Top Ten Business Books from 2015 by Forbes.

During Dina’s riveting presentation, you will learn:

  • How to operationalize values so they can be put into practice.
  • Why employees will never become committed to company values if company leaders are not.
  • How to create training systems that keep values top-of-mind in your organization.
  • Why your core values should live in training and ongoing activities.

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