ISPI Montreal receives Chapter of Excellence Award for Communication

Congratulations ISPI Montreal! We have been honoured with a Chapter of Excellence Award for 2016. This award was granted to our chapter by ISPI in the category of communication. In the last year, ISPI Montreal really connected to our community by means of our fantastic communication strategy. From our updated website to our exciting social media presence, ISPI Montreal has really shown our community what we are made of!

Chapter of Merit logo 2016

An important goal in 2016 for ISPI Montreal was to update our website. Our redesigned website is sleek, easy to navigate and highly informative. Visitors to the site can find out more about our events, read our engaging blog entries, and even find out more about the 2017 annual ISPI Conference.

In 2016, we also intensified our social media presence. It is important to us to be visible on a variety of social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Our social media presence is eye-catching and enticing, using social media strategies to connect with our audience.

Additionally this year we designed, developed and implemented a Membership Drive. Engaging visual designs were used to promote the drive. The drive encouraged membership at the Gold Level of ISPI.

Finally, as part of our communication strategy, we have written several entries for Performance Express, ISPI’s monthly publication for the performance improvement community. These entries promote the conference and update our progress with the Community Project using a fun and appealing format.

We are very proud to be recognized by ISPI for our efforts to connect with our community.