Meet the Concordia ISPI Case Study Competition Teams

The ISPI Case Study Competition gives university students the opportunity to apply the theories and models they have learned during their graduate studies in Educational Technology to solve an authentic performance problem in an organization. The competition takes place over 10 weeks and culminates with presentations at the annual ISPI conference, which will be held this year in Montreal from April 28 to May 2. This year, two Concordia University teams will be competing, Emu Performance and Boost.

Here’s an introduction to the three Emu Performance team members:

  • Dan Corber is the coordinator for Emu Performance and is currently pursuing his MA in Educational Technology and working as a Content Creator for an educational software company.
  • Charlie Piché is the spokesperson for Emu Performance and is currently in his final semester for his MA in Educational Technology and working as a high school teacher.
  • Katie Shea is the recorder for Emu Performance. She is also in the Educational Technology MA program at Concordia and is a high school teacher.
emu performance team
From left: Dan Corber, Katie Shea and Charlie Piché

Following are the team’s answers to our questions about the competition.

How did you hear about the Case Competition? 

“Charlie knew a few people who had competed in the Case Competition in years past. Concordia has quite the reputation. Dan and Katie were invited by Sonia Di Maulo to put their heads together, along with Charlie, and consider entering. Once Sonia pitched the idea of entering the competition to us, we were intrigued.”

What made you want to be a part of it? 

“The three of us have been working together as colleagues and friends since our time in teachers’ college. Over the past few years, we’ve grown professionally and personally, but we’ve never stopped having fun with each other. This competition is a great opportunity to keep growing together, to hone our individual skillsets and to have a good time along the way.”

What are the benefits of being part of this competition?

“As lifelong learners and certified educators we tend to romanticize opportunities for self-improvement, helping others and new experiences. This competition challenges us to step outside our own comfort zones and apply our skills and values to a brand new arena.”

emu performance logo
The team’s logo

What are you looking forward to about the conference? Who would you like to meet? What questions would you ask them?

“We are excited to immerse ourselves into the community of practice for performance improvement. We are also excited to meet the trailblazers and people at the avant-garde of performance improvement.

For all three of us, it will be our first time dipping our toes into a conference like ISPI Montreal 2017. We are looking forward to presenting.”

How is it going so far?

“It’s going well! We are immersed in the case. Matt Donovan has been a great mentor and coach through this process. We’re starting to document assumptions and craft solutions.”

How can ISPI support your future career following the competition?

“Although we are new to all of this, we get the sense that ISPI is a tightly knit community of practice. The support and guidance we have received from local chapter members is an encouraging sign. Thank you!”