The volunteers behind ISPI Montreal

ISPI Montreal has a team of talented, engaged leaders working towards a common goal of celebrating Performance Improvement in Montreal. Our mission is to bring value, education, and services to performance improvement professionals/students and Montreal-based organizations… to bring the community together.
ISPI Montréal Board of Directors, Advisory Committee members and volunteers

In 2016, a small group of ISPI Montreal volunteers (performance improvement professionals and students) collaborated with the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Quebec branch, to measure the success of the 2016 Kidney Walk and be able to replicate, if not exceed, that success in 2017. The volunteers will be co-presenting the experience and preliminary results with the Kidney Foundation during The Performance Improvement Conference on April 30-May 2, 2017.

On April 30th, the Board of Directors of ISPI Montreal has been invited to attend a special,  invitation-only, workshop taking place before the conference kicks-off: The Chapter Leadership Workshop.
The purpose of this workshop is to:
  • Network with leaders volunteering for ISPI from global locations;
  • Learn to deliver program awesomeness, energize membership, and activate the leadership pipeline;
  • Celebrate what it means to be an advocate for performance improvement globally.
The Board of Directors for ISPI Montreal:
ISPI Montreal is also indebted to its Advisory Committee:
Thank you to all ISPI Montreal volunteers!
If you are interested in starting your volunteer journey with ISPI Montreal, email us at