Partner Chapter Event: ISPI Texas Webinar


Leveraging Technology to Get the Most Out of Your Level 1 Surveys

We all do “smile sheets,” but are we getting the most out of them? After all, if we request students to take time completing them, we should be using the results to uncover actionable insights.

Four common problems plague these surveys:

  • Poor design
  • Poor response rates
  • Administrative burden
  • Results are not actionable

This webinar provides easy-to-apply – and inexpensive — techniques to help you tackle these problems.

  • Design tips
  • Going mobile with survey deployment
  • Taking action on the data
  • Respecting your students’ time

ISPI Texas’ presenter, Bonnie Beresford, has made her career helping organizations improve their measurement and evaluation practices. Bonnie brings practical experience from the front, understanding that organizations differ in their sophistication and abilities to measure. She has also seen that sometimes simple things yield big wins. As lead strategist for learning and performance analytics at GP Strategies.

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