Team Boost Wins First Place at 2017 ISPI Case Study Competition

Concordia University’s Team Boost won first place at the 2017 Case Study Competition, held May 1-2 at the ISPI Performance Improvement Conference in Montreal.

The Case Study Competition involved a needs analysis of the fictional company Magic Sticks, a retailer providing baked goods and beverages to consumers. Team Boost’s approach featured an onboarding program to address the skills and knowledge gap among newly hired managers. The proposed onboarding program was designed to ensure that Magic Sticks could continue to thrive by ensuring careful selection of management talent, promoting a culture of mutual support and feedback, and providing increased face-to-face coaching and mentoring. The proposal also included a platform to aggregate and transmit expert knowledge throughout the organization.

The three Boost Team members are Gabriela Kotsova, Laila Ali and Sara Vitale, who are both professionals and graduate students enrolled in Concordia University’s Educational Technology Program. Following are comments from the three team members about their experiences participating in the competition.

Team Boost Accepting First Prize
From left to right are: ISPI Case Study Competition moderator and team mentor Matt Donovan, and Team Boost members Gabriela Kotsova, Laila Ali and Sara Vitale.

Gabriela: “For me, participating in the case study competition was a life-changing experience marked by hard work, eye-opening moments, wonderful teamwork and supportive mentorship. Delving into the inspiring world of performance improvement allowed me to grow as a professional and expand my horizons beyond training solutions. I learned to see the human performance system as a whole and be conscious of how its various elements interrelate and influence each other to affect performance.”

Sara: “Looking back on my experience competing in the case study competition, all I can say is ‘wow!’ After the many evenings spent grappling with the problem and weighing all the possible solutions—Team Boost made it!

Laila: “The opportunity to attend and present at the ISPI 2017 conference was a wonderful chance to learn and grow. My team and I believed that presenting our ideas to performance improvement stars, and being able to answer their questions, was a great honour. We felt our work was well received, and believed that what we had accomplished up to that moment was a win in and of itself. When we found out that we won first place, I must admit that it was a thrilling and rewarding moment.”

The ISPI Case Study Competition gives university students the opportunity to apply the theories and models they have learned during their graduate studies in Educational Technology to solve an authentic performance problem in an organization. The competition takes place over 10 weeks and culminates with presentations at the annual ISPI conference.