Partner Chapter Events: ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Webinars

ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Chapter Upcoming Events (June through July, 2017)


The ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Chapter is pleased to announce the following upcoming webinars. Stay in touch for more details later! Follow us for events & news updates on twitter @ISPIBABS!

  • Jun 22, 2017: Paul Harmon, presents: Managing the Cognitive Transformation
  • Jul 20, 2017: Carol M. Panza, presents: Performance Mapping – more details to come soon


Our Next Webinar:

Date: Jun 22, 2017 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PT

Topic:  Managing the Cognitive Transformation

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Speaker: Paul Harmon, a well-known management consultant, who specializes in helping organizations incorporate new technologies that transform their business processes.

Mr. Paul Harmon is the author of the currently popular book,Business Process Change.  He is also the founder and the executive editor at Business Process Trends, an internationally popular website ( that provides a variety of free articles, columns, surveys, and book reviews each month on trends, directions and best practices in business process management.  His articles and research reports – like his bi-annual survey of the state of the international business process market – have become essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the evolution of the process field.

Mr. Harmon is also a Senior Consultant at Cutter Consortium, where he provides advice to Consortium clients on cognitive or AI technologies. He was the author Expert Systems: AI for Business (Wiley, 1983), a best selling book that was translated into seven different languages. Mr. Harmon currently writes reports for Cutter Consortium on Cognitive technologies that are rapidly transforming business process automation efforts.

Mr. Harmon has given keynotes and seminars around the world. He has given invited keynotes at almost every major international BPM conference – Conferences like BPM2008-Milan, IRM-UK BPM London, BPM Brazil, Gartner BPM and the Sydney BPM Conference. He has provided executive briefings on process change at leading corporations (e.g. Chevron, IBM, HP, Oracle, SoftwareAG, Pemex, Telefonica-Chili, and Nokia).

Mr. Harmon began his professional career working for the Breckinridge Job Corp Center, where he introduced programmed instructioin. In the late Sixties he moved to Basic Systems, a subsidiary of Xerox, and then worked for Tom Gilbert and Geary Rummler at Praxis in New York where he managed contract operations.  In the Seventies, Paul moved to the Bay Area to work for Independent Learning Systems with Don Tosti, James Evans, Lloyd Homme and Roger Addison.  Later still, he ran his own consulting firm, Harmon Associates.  He joined ISPI in 1968 and has given many talks at ISPI events.


Intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of play right now.  In this talk, Paul Harmon will provide an overview of what AI is all about and will describe its use and the role it is likely to play in improving business processes in our organizations.

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