2018 Planning Meeting Summary: The Road Ahead

At the ISPI Montreal 2018 Kick-off and Planning Meeting held January 14 at Concordia University, ISPI Montreal Steering Committee members and other participants discussed the vision and strategies planned for the chapter for the coming year and beyond. It was a great beginning to help ensure ISPI Montreal remains a strong, sustainable and growing chapter in the future.

Here’s a summary of decisions made about the road ahead, organized by topic.

Sponsorship, Programs and Events

Over the coming months, a task force will develop a corporate sponsorship strategy to provide the chapter with the support needed to continue to run excellent programs and events and to expand our professional development offerings. This is expected to include a feasibility study for a Regional Conference, which would be held in Montreal in 2019 and open to performance improvement (PI) professionals in Canada, the U.S, and potentially Western Europe.

In 2018, ISPI Montreal plans to host several events, including a panel discussion in May on how artificial intelligence impacts performance. Artificial intelligence, which involves the simulation of intelligent human behavior by a computer, robot or other machine, is a technology with rising importance and many applications in today’s world. We will also hold a case study workshop where experienced practitioners and students will collaborate to promote learning and skills practice.

On February 15, we will launch our  first monthly networking meetup. The networking meetups will be held every third Thursday of the month at the Irish Embassy in downtown Montreal. For more information or to register, please click here.

Community Service Project

ISPI Montreal is looking to partner with a Montreal-based community or non-profit organization to collaborate on a performance improvement project in 2018. Through the Community Service Project (CSP), our members will volunteer their time to add value to a worthwhile organization.

To identify potential organizations and projects for the CSP, we have issued a Request for Proposals from interested parties. The CSP will be launched later this year, once we select a project in March. For more information about this initiative, please click here. We welcome your ideas and input.

Broadening Our Regional Scope

Another issue discussed at the meeting was the goal of broadening our regional scope by reaching out to faculty and students at universities in Montreal and other nearby cities. The objectives for this initiative include:

  • Building relationships between university faculty and ISPI Montreal
  • Attracting more students to the chapter and providing them with opportunities to learn about PI
  • Connecting with the larger Montreal community to inform those outside of the profession about the world of performance improvement

Another way in which we plan to broaden our scope is to make the chapter truly bilingual by offering more bilingual events, with presentations in either both languages or French.