Meet the Speakers for the AI and Performance Panel: Evan Prodromou

Evan Prodromou, founder and CEO,

On May 31, ISPI Montreal will host a bilingual panel discussion on “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Performance” at Temps Libre Coop. Our panel will be composed of AI specialists who have studied the performance improvement potential of human machine collaboration, including Evan Prodromou, who is the founder and CEO of, an AI-as-a-service startup headquartered in Montreal.

Evan has been working with AI technologies for almost 30 years, since his undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley. As an engineer at companies such as Microsoft and RSA, and later as an entrepreneur at Wikitravel, StatusNet and Breather, Evan has leaned on AI to make software smarter and more adaptive to user needs.

Evan has this to say about how AI can improve workplace performance:

“AI can help knowledge workers make better decisions that take in a wider range of factors than they can handle manually. AI is not about replacing human resources; it is about enhancing human performance and optimizing an organization’s performance metrics.”

For more information about the May 31 panel discussion event, click here.