Meet the Speakers for the AI and Performance Panel: Laura Fort

Laura Fort, Chief Product Officer, Erudite AI

On May 31, ISPI Montreal will host a bilingual panel discussion on “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Performance” at Temps Libre Coop. Our panelists will be composed of AI specialists who have studied the performance improvement potential of human machine collaboration, including Laura Fort, who is Chief Product Officer at Erudite AI.

Passionate about innovation in education, Laura has 10 years of experience as a coordinator, project and product manager in culture and education. She is an expert in agile methodologies and a certified PMI-ACPⓇ, who fosters a cooperative work environment.

Her past experience includes being the award-winning CEO of an educational technology startup in France. As CEO, she coordinated teams of neuroscience researchers, developers, designers and school testers that were working on an educational mobile app for preschoolers.

Now at Erudite AI, she drives the team on their mission to improve education by providing high-quality peer-to-peer tutoring, augmented by AI.

Laura explains her views on how AI technologies will impact jobs and how work is performed:

“The predictions about machines replacing humans are good newspaper sellers,” she says. “The stories in science-fiction novels and newspapers don’t reflect the reality. Current and future AI technologies will be built not to replace humans, but rather to augment their capabilities.”

Laura notes that “machines and humans are complementary, and they should work in collaboration. The former are good at processing huge amounts of data, and the latter are good at using intuition and common sense.”
For more information about the May 31 panel discussion event, click here.